It is striking that "mystical" statements from ancient Chinese teachings in modern quantum mechanics and particle physics are cited as analogies to indicate some so-called quantum phenomena.*

These kinds of phenomena can not be explained by (classical) western physics. They are reserved to the world of atoms because this ultra-microscopic domain is quantized. Since it is important to get a global impression of these phenomena, I quote (and translate) from nl Wikipedia:

"In quantum mechanics, a system can be in a superposition eigenstates: the expected measurement value is not only unknown to the observer but also indefinite; The system is literally in multiple states at the same time. These undefined properties can lead to quantum phenomena that cannot be unexplained by classical physics (for example, interference of a particle with itself). On the other hand, a quantum mechanic system can also be in a mixed state: to the observer this indicates the ignorance about the state of the system in the same way as the classical ignorance in a random process, without actual coexistence of multiple states."


The fact that the ancient statements are discernible in ultra-modern physics is dismissed as being by chance. I, however, think that this proves that the ancient theory of the universe was  in the distant past indeed considered a quantum theory of the cosmos. My goal is to prove this, so that the underlying theory of TCM can once again, as it did in the past, be conceived of as a tangible natural science.

The most remarkable phenomena one will encounter in my manuscript, are the quantum phenomena mentioned before, but at the cosmic level rather than the ultra-microscopic. To picture this, our common language is inadequate.

Western quantum mechanics will use the language of mathematics for this purpose. The ancient theory, on the other hand, applies the language of schematism. The combination of logic and schematism in eastern sciences is equivalent to the combination of logic and mathematics in western sciences. Logic and schematism therefore, constitute the formal part of the eastern sciences.

Schematism is ill-understood. But once you understand it - and I hope to achieve this by my effort - you can often arrive at a concrete interpretation, especially thanks to the vast amount of contemporary western research data.

Schematism will show that the origin and maintenance of nuclear fusion on the Sun and all other stars is a quantum phenomenon. This explains why this phenomenon cannot adequately be explained by (classical) Western physics.

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